I AM at present receiving Meals on Wheels for which I pay £3.30 for a meal with dessert.

Recently a piece of paper was handed to me by one of the delivery drivers to inform me that from April 1, the meals will go up to £4.10 for a meal with dessert. (I have since been informed, that if I only ask for a meal, it still will be £4.10 per meal).

The meals are not very good, and I am sure that some people will not eat everything they receive. As an ex-chef and at one stage a diet chef in a hospital, I know that these meals are probably arrive frozen, and heated up locally, some times they arrived, over heated and therefore dried up, or roast potatoes, sauté potatoes etc arrive steamed and look horrible, and not really edible by the time they arrive to the "customer". People eat with their eyes and if it look awful, they will not enjoy it. These meals should be providing nutrition.

The "note" was not on any form of letterhead, so it could have come from anyone and it was not even signed.

The price rise represents a 25 per cent increase per meal.There are many housebound pensioners that rely on this service, but I am sure they will not be able to pay the extra, and therefore their health could suffer.

With a pending community charge rise as well, and pensions not rising accordingly, how can the powers that be, who ever they are, justify this further burden on the elderly?

I am sure others feel like me.

Robert Angus

Address supplied