REGARDING the article in Penarth Times of March 6 referring to the potential closure of both sports clubs within St Paul's Church.

I have finally been prompted to contact you concerning this, as I first started at the Penarth ABC in the 70’s, when it was being run by Charlie Pearson.

I remember being a heavyweight there when Neil Munn first arrived, and spent much time taking punches from him.

Following this, and with the excellent facilities and support from Charlie, I managed to reach the WABA finals.

The club was an excellent social and character building facility, that since my time there, and under Neil’s guidance, has gone on to become even more

of a known Penarth facility and breeding ground for successful amateur boxers.

I, amongst many others, would be very distressed if the worst was to happen, and therefore can only hope that Neil and Nick Chandler and others can save the club.

Richard Edwards

(Formerly of Penarth)