IN RESPONSE to Councillor Ann Moore's letter in the last issue of the Penarth Times, on the subject of the gypsy and travellers’ site in Sully (March 20).

I am sure we could spend hours arguing over the procedural matters on this issue; however I am clear in my recollection of the events as they occurred, and consider Councillor Ann Moore's statements as a total 'red herring', to deflect criticism of her party.

The fact of the matter is that the Cabinet of the Labour administration of the Vale of Glamorgan Council has in its Deposit Local Development Plan included the provision of a permanent gypsy and travellers’ site in Sully, the same Cabinet that has tolerated for nearly two years the existence of the illegal travellers’ site at Hayes Road, Sully, without taking any action to remove them.

Furthermore I have to re-iterate that Councillor Mahoney and I have vigorously supported the views of the residents in this matter, by opposing this proposal, and by organising a public meeting to which the Cabinet were invited but failed to attend.

I will totally ignore Councillor Ann Moore's comments of her capability as a councillor, as initially I did not make reference to this, and my comment about being Councillor Neil Moore's wife have been taken totally out of context by herself.

I am sorry Councillor Ann Moore is disappointed with me in this matter, but I would remind her that I was elected to represent the residents of the Sully and Lavernock Ward, not to win a popularity competition with my fellow councillors.

If Councillor Ann Moore and the Cabinet would like to address the residents of Sully and Lavernock on this issue, then Councillor Mahoney and I would only be too pleased to arrange another public meeting in Sully, although we have also encouraged residents to attend the ‘alternative site’ consultation meeting for the LDP at the Paget Rooms, Penarth, on Wednesday, April 2, between 2pm and 6pm.

Councillor Bob Penrose

Independent - Elected Member – Sully and Lavernock

Vale of Glamorgan Council