THANK you Councillor Anne Moore for admitting that decisions taken by the Labour controlled council has landed the residents of the village of Sully in "THE MESS THAT YOU NOW FIND YOURSELVES IN" - her own words (Penarth Times, March 20).

The decision to site a permanent 18 pitch gypsy and traveller site at the former Civic Amenity Site in Hayes Road, Sully, will certainly create 'a mess' if other permanent sites are anything to go by.

To propose this public open space immediately next to West Beechwood College Wales only specialised facility for Autistic Spectrum Condition and Aspergers Syndrome and in close proximity to Ty Hafen Children's Hospice is the height of insensitivity.

The 24 hour emergency all tide access slipway used for emergency purposes and residents of the Vale for Leisure Craft could be compromised.

The Sully Against Travellers Action Group and Sully Community Council have made repeated requests to the Vale Council via the police to remove the illegal travellers currently occupying the Hayes Road Site but to no avail.

Perhaps this is not surprising judging by the comments of Councillor Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, made at the special Council Meeting LDP Deposit Draft Plan, October 23, 2013. Who stated that these travellers are accepted on a tolerated basis by the residents of Sully.

The LDP Plan to include land to the West of Swanbridge Road, Sully, as a reserve site for 500 dwellings, the permanent gypsy and travellers site at Hayes Road, the present illegal travellers at Hayes Road, HAS CERTAINLY LANDED SULLY IN A MESS.

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