I WONDER if your readers were aware that next year will be the 150th anniversary of the opening of Penarth Docks in 1865 and in effect the establishment of the "new" town of Penarth.

Gone was the old typical Vale of Glamorgan rural parish consisting of a number of farms, a (rather notorious) public house - The Penarth Head - demolished to make way for the dock's Custom House as well as the medieval tumble down St Augustine's Church - demolished to make way for the present church in order to serve a rapidly growing population.

The purpose of this letter is to ask - is anything going to be done to celebrate this anniversary next year?

Penarth has been quite successful over the years at supporting festivals it hosts.

Surely Penarth 150 should inspire any number of community events.

The town's seafaring past, sports, famous inhabitants such as Dr Joseph Parry (hint - music concerts?), Saunders Lewis (drama productions?) visitors such as Alfred Sisley (art exhibition?), Guglielmo Marconi and so on. Maybe a great project for the Penarth Town Council and the many groups and societies in the town not to mention the churches, chapels and schools.

Penarth tends to be overshadowed by its giant neighbour Cardiff - so the chance of engaging in a unique year devoted to the town should surely not be overlooked!

Any suggestions from your readership?

Brian Keitch

via e-mail