IT'S great news that we have a 150th anniversary to look forward to next year (Penarth Times, April 3) - it's a perfect opportunity to celebrate Penarth's rich history.

If Penarth Town Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council support this idea - and I hope they do - they may want to capitalise on the impressive architectural legacy of the town. One topical example is St Paul's Church, neglected for years by the Vale Council and now apparently under threat of demolition as a result.

Yes it'll need investment to save the building, but developers Crest Nicholson have already committed funds for a Penarth Heights community facility, haven't they?

And let's not forget that Penarth Heights is built on public land sold by the Council to Crest Nicholson in a record-breaking multi million pound deal. Remind us, where did all that cash go?

It does seem peculiar that a single house on the new 377-strong development can be sold for more than the estimated cost of St Paul's repair, yet finding the money to restore the historic building is problematic. Scandalous, really.

Almost as scandalous as the suggestion that the site should be knocked down and rebuilt as a residential block of flats, with proceeds directed to Penarth Marina. Or perhaps that was an April Fool's joke?

Kate Davies

High Street