I AM writing regarding the continuous disregard to the road traffic laws in Railway Terrace, Penarth.

I have lived in this street for many years and over this time I can rarely park anywhere near my house or even in the street.

It is always full of cars that are untaxed or look like they are scrap. I know many residents have complained to the DVLA, traffic wardens and police but nothing is ever done to the owner of these said cars.

I have seen so many cars sat in the road week after week without any road tax or parked on double yellow lines and no cars are ever issued with tickets or clamped and removed. More than one of the residents in the street have received parking tickets but never any of the above mentioned cars. Does this mean if I had a different surname I would be exempt from all the traffic laws and the issued fines?

More and more in the last few weeks cars are using the road like a race track. This is evident even without witnessing it due to the amount of rubber and skid marks on the road. I feel there is some considerable favouritism to certain people.

I know it has been reported to the local police on many occasions and also the DVLA. What more can we as residents do?

Very angry and unhappy resident

Railway Terrace