WE in the St Augustine's ward are lucky to have Bell Vue Park so close to the school and an area with many families with young children. The trees give a lovely backdrop to the church.

As will happen, nature takes its course and there is always an accumulation of fallen leaves, deciduous and conifers, strewn across the pavement.

With the wind and rain they are blown and washed into the gutters along with any other debris left lying around. The drain covers become blocked with the water which then forms large puddles. This happens at the end of Belle Vue Terrace, adjacent to the park, where one drain is blocked to such an extent that I could not probe it with my walking stick.

On the corner of Albert Crescent the drains on either side of the road block and large puddles form on a regular basis. As they do at the junction with Clive Place.

Over a period of several months I contacted local councillors and the Vale of Glamorgan with regard to the state of the gutters and pavements in these areas and Pembroke Terrace. We are not allocated a road sweeper, only a motorist vehicle which does not access the gutters. No one sweeps the pavements or kerbs. I do my own. My request for a workman on foot was greeted with the comment that the brush might damage the parked cars.

Photographs taken and sent to the Vale resulted in a sort of clean up. One piece of black plastic which had been embedded in the pine since last October was then removed. I left it there just to see how long it would take the council to act - October 2013 to end of March 2014.

Recent wind and rain has started the pile up again. Imagine my delight, when today, I saw Brian and Marilyn, who live across the road from Belle Vue Park, with a sweeping brush and dustpan clearing the debris blocking the drains at the Albert Road end of Albert Crescent. Will they get a reduction in their community tax?

Will we have to form a team of road cleaners around the park? Do the residents of Victoria Square offer this service or is that area attended by the Vale of Glamorgan? Parked cars are always evident there as they are in our end of town.

D Wookey

Pembroke Terrace