THE current LDPs appear to be in chaos but after reading the Plaid Cymru article in this weeks Penarth Times (May 8) they'll be getting my vote, however I do disagree with them on their opposition to shale gas exploration.

To contemplate building scores of houses in Cosmeston, Cog and Dinas is ludicrous. There are no amenities, transport, schools, shops and already congested road systems, plus building houses at these locations could interfere with a new shale gas extraction industry.

Would not Ffordd-y-Milleniwm on the new road approaching Barry Waterfront be the ideal location for al these developments. There are 20 acres of land advertised for sale. On the opposite side of the road is a railway station with links to Cardiff, there is main road links to the M4, schools, shops, leisure centre, commercial areas and even the beach in walking distance. Surely these facilities shouldn't be ignored to place people in more difficult areas to commute from, adding to already congested roads and a failed transport infrastructure and from an outside view of trying to adjust voting patterns in those areas by building community housing and dumping people in them with nothing to do.

Shale Gas extraction carried out where the current LDPs sites are situated could kick start the industry in South Wales providing much needed jobs and a reduction in fuel price.

So from Plaid I'd like to hear 'Let's get cracking and do some fracking' and put all the new houses where current existing amenities will benefit the new communities.

Tim Hodgson

Westbourne Road