WE PUT this picture of the old roundabout at the Baron’s Court junction, before it was replaced with traffic lights in November 2006, on our Facebook page on Friday, May 16, and it provoked quite a response.

Patricia Searle said: “It was so much better than the traffic lights that are there now, with a steady flow of traffic without having to sit and wait like you do today.”

Dave Sadler added: “It was a lot better as a roundabout but I guess they had to waste taxpayer’s money somehow.”

What do you think about the old roundabout and the new traffic lights?

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'We believe in yesterday - I could have told you - part two' book. (A retiring collection of memories, 1953-2003, from Penarth Oral History Group and their friends. Edited by Barry A Thomas with collections taken up by Joan Collins Terry Farrell)