HAVING been a resident of the marina for over seven years now, I have seen first hand of how popular the area has become.

However with that popularity comes headaches especially with the higher levels of traffic and parking.

Now a couple of years ago there was an issue at the top end of Marconi Avenue (opposite The Oystertcatcher) simply because some Oystercatcher customers failed to park in the Oystercatcher car park.

Then they put yellow lines on that part but the knock-on effect is that the parking has now just been pushed further down Marconi Avenue and there has even been a few occasions where visitors have even had the nerve to park in private parking spaces and wonder off doing their daily visiting.

But what is the most frustrating part of all this is that the most unused car park in the whole world is alongside Marconi Avenue but people can't seem to grasp that its only a few feet away from the road and as a result they annoy the residents with their inconsiderate parking.

In my opinion the council are completely missing a trick here which could benefit them and the Marina residents. The idea which I would like to put forward would be to continue to yellow lines all the way down Marconi Avenue which would push people into parking in the car park and make it a pay and display.

However they would therefore have to ensure that the finances generated would be ring fenced for Marina only projects in the future whether that's roadworks, better policing etc.

Just wondering if fellow residents agree?

Adam Brown

Anchor Road