SURELY drivers still do not believe the Cogan Pill roundabout was better than the traffic lights.

Logically lights give each junction a set time to traverse from one side to the other, now the timing is well adjusted, so at peak periods lengthy volumes of traffic move in each direction.

When it was a roundabout just one car coming from the right caused all traffic to stop, as it started to move again, one or two cars from right meant traffic was held up again. Goodness knows what the situation would be like today if we still had a roundabout. My observations come from having lived at the house pictured above the lights, where I have lived for over thirty years. I have watched this traffic situation daily so if anyone has a better overview I would like to hear on what they base their observations. The real cause of the problem is the small roundabout leading down to Tesco. Here traffic from Penarth has to give way to cars coming from the right, what can be done about this I have no idea. The other cause for concern are the cars that come down from Merrie Harrier junction, they see the lights are red so the take filter lane to left and then do a U turn in front of Barons Court, then take filter lane over Cogan Spur. They have caused a few nasty accidents over the years. Why can't the CCTV cameras pick up on these idiots and stop them.

D Morgans

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