I AM writing to you as on Friday, May 30, I unfortunately acquired a flat tyre on my mobility scooter whilst in town.

I tried to make my way home on three wheels and got as far as Glebe Street. I was stopped by a lady (whom I later found out is called Angela) who pointed out that I had a flat.

I was encouraged by Angela and her two friends to allow them to help me try to get home. Angela has a vehicle which can carry wheelchairs etc so between us we tried to get the scooter onboard. We got it on, just couldn’t shut the tailgate so off the scooter came.

Arrangements were made with the gentleman at Penarth Cars to leave the scooter at their alleyway whilst my partner Jon contacted the mobility company to arrange recovery and also get to Glebe Street to co-ordinate the same.

In the meantime, a fellow scooter user approached and gave me some valuable advice regarding tyres.

The last time I wrote to you was when I had a scooter pinched from outside my house a few years back and I am so glad to be able to write with a positive story.

I cannot convey just how grateful I am to Angela, her friends and the gentlemen mentioned above. Angela kindly brought me home and I must say, saying thank you to these lovely people should be shouted from the rooftops. I can't manage the climb so a letter to yourself is the least I can do.

I am overwhelmed by the help people gave me when I needed it and I would like as many people in Penarth as possible to hear of such kindness in our town.

Sarah Hanshaw

Via email