IN reply to the article in the Penarth Times dated Thursday, May 29, and entitled 'Houses plan for former green site'.

The plan to build 54 dwellings on land near St Joseph's RC Primary School can only lead to yet more traffic congestion and pollution from cars trapped in long queues in Sully Road.

The latter is essentially a country lane which cannot cope with the present volume of traffic and this before the new large Penarth Learning Centre becomes fully operational in October. The new main entrance to the former St Cyres School is on Sully Road and hence will lead to many more vehicles using the lane.

Residents already have to time their movements carefully to avoid the crush of cars at school times and queues to get onto Redlands Road.

The proposed new development will inevitably contribute to the congestion and pollution as there is only one access into and out of the site, and that from Sully Road.

If one conservatively estimates a further 200 car journeys per day that represents a big increase in usage of the lane.

E Rogers

Via email