I WRITE in relation to the letter by Mr Peter W Thomas in the June 12 edition regarding the Proposed Astro Turf pitch.

I wanted to point out that Stanwell School/Penarth Grammer is ALSO part of the long established neighbourhood (in fact it has been there a lot longer than residents that have bought their houses around the area) and rightfully has to evolve with the times to keep up with school standards!

Surely this would have been known when houses in the area were purchased and no doubt home owners have reaped the benefits in terms of the increase in value of their property for being close to such a successful school.

I was aware of the application back in the mid 90's and also understand that there may have been cause for concern back then.

However technology has moved on a long way since then in terms of Floodlighting and reduced noise fencing.

This has clearly been outlined in the application submitted by the school which I suggest should be read on the Vale website as it clearly points out that the concerns raised in Mr Thomas's letter, especially floodlighting in compliance with light regulations. The School also has a reputation to uphold so there is no doubt that noise would be monitored.

Penarth is crying out for this facility and if it doesn't go ahead it would be an injustice to the school and people of Penarth.

Dave Stevens

via e-mail