Contrary to what Peter Thomas stated (12/06) I am fully aware of the previous Stanwell school application, and the fact that it was scuppered by the then spineless Vale planners who gave far too much weight to the objections of a few very vocal local residents, and imposed such onerous restrictions on the use of the sports pitch, that it was economically unviable.

The school is to be congratulated for not giving up and coming up with the new application which, by a combination of siting the pitch further away from the residents, and the use of improved technologies, has dealt with all the objections from the residents.

One might imagine that now their objections have been addressed, the residents would now welcome the new proposal, however sadly planning applications often bring out the worst of human nature in some people.

I will therefore not at all be surprised if some residents now throw another load of spurious, objections at this new application for a much needed facility.

Some people will object to any planning application in their neighbourhood, regardless of its merits, merely out of self interest, and the fear of the possibility that the value of their property might be in some way harmed.

It should be noted that the new proposed sports pitch will merely replace an existing one, and that both this and the school pre-date any residents by decades.

It is to be hoped that the Vale planners now show some backbone, and approve this wonderful sports facility, which will be of enormous benefit to the people of Penarth, and the Vale.

Freddy Thomas

Albert Cres