THERE have always been complaints about the shortage of parking spaces in Penarth - so, what is done about this?

I was incensed to learn a few weeks ago that the strip of kerbside between Gregg's and Boots has become a loading bay, Monday - Saturday until noon. I witnessed three cars receiving parking tickets.

This is not only ridiculous in that it further restricts shoppers' parking, but the signs are so high that they are barely visible to the average driver.

Today (Monday) I again witnessed another three tickets being issued. I spoke to the warden to ask why there was no painted markings on the road to warn drivers.

He very politely pointed out that as it was not a full time loading bay this was not required. I stood and prevented a further five vehicles parking there (as they clearly hadn't noticed the high signs).

Is this just more trickery from the Vale of Glamorgan to make money from us?

So, I would like to warn drivers NOT to park in this area before twelve until we can pursue this matter further with the council.

Victoria Edwards

Via email