I despair of the scaremongering and material inaccuracies being presented by local residents regarding the Stanwell School Artificial pitch as, no matter what the facts are regarding this, the NIMBYs seem determined to spout the same old drivel.

The Planning Proposal submitted by Stanwell more than addresses ALL the concerns being rolled out once again by the same old "antis" regarding pitch siting, lighting, noise and parking.

With regards "away teams being disruptive to surrounding roads" and citing "the 2 buses that collided last year", what planet is that particular resident from?

Away teams usually arrive in a maximum of three or four cars, unless they are university sides which usually come in a single mini bus., Home players, now that could be as many as five cars but this would probably reduce if players could actually walk to their home pitch, hardly a peak hour traffic jam is it?

At our last home game, I say 'home' but we have had to play our 'home' games in Barry for the last 25 years because of the lack of such a facility in Penarth, we had the huge number of three, yes THREE supporters on the touchline. The Stanwell proposal would struggle to accommodate even that many as there is NO repeat NO spectator space.

Regarding the 9.30pm cut off being "excessive" and a 7pm cut off providing "perfect opportunity to provide these pitches for the community", does this resident actually work?

The Certified Adult Coaches, believe it or not , in an amateur game, have day jobs and can only run these sessions for youngsters from 7 in the evening so rather than it being 'a bit over the top' to allow the use of these facilities after then, it would be ESSENTIAL for the development of young hockey players.

I really do hope the Vale Planning Committee see past the smoke screen of misinformation being thrown up by some loud, NIMBY residents and grant full permission for this excellent and much needed facility.

Nick Pratt

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