I WRITE to you regarding the antisocial behaviour in Victoria Playing Fields.

Having read the recent article in Penarth Times cracking down on youths drinking and dealing drugs I also ask you to crack down on dogs in Victoria Playing Fields and start fining their owners.

A fortnight ago my daughter aged two-years-old and a few friends were running down the lanes on the grass put in for schools sports day. As she got to the end a walker with his dog entered the park at the far gate. The dog was not on a lead and it darted towards the running children jumping at my daughter knocking her to the ground. It was a large dog twice the size of my two-year-old, she was extremely traumatised but thankfully unharmed. If it had been an aggressive dog I would have had no chance protecting the children for where I thought it was a safe place for my child to run and play.

Every evening a lady walks her two spaniels and plays ball with them in the park. She lets them go to the toilet and never clears it up. I've asked her on several occasions not to bring her dogs in the park and have shown her the 'no dogs' signs but I am constantly met with aggression so end up taking the children home.

It is very welcoming news that the the police will be cracking down on the older youths, drinking and taking/dealing drugs in the park but we have experienced more threatening behaviour from the dog walkers and dogs themselves.

Please could you crack down on dog walkers and issuing fines to anyone taking there dogs into the park. Dog faeces carry so many diseases dangerous to children and the news is full of horror stories of dog attacks. The antisocial behaviour is a problem in the park but the dogs are equally and if not more of a problem and more dangerous for our children.

Roxanna Weigel

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