I SEE from a very recent back issue of the Penarth Times (June 24) that Michael Boland was in the Magistrates Court for his failure to comply with an enforcement notice regarding that now very derelict looking building in Bridgeman Road known as Normandy.

In the first instance I do regret that this large imposing property in a select part of Penarth adjoining the Promenade has been allowed to fall into such a poor state. My impression is that it has now been in such an uninhabitable condition for a number of years already. As it stands, the house is a real eyesore, with no slates on the roof and the windows boarded up.

Rehabilitation, as demanded by the Vale Council, may now be too late, in my opinion. Perhaps demolition as requested by the well-known owner should be allowed therefore.

The planning system locally could exert itself to ensure that what replaces it is of the highest architectural quality.

The Esplanade Hotel that was may provide a guide here. That also took far too long to resolve.

Michael O’Neill

Railway Terrace