FOR SOME reason over the last few months, the litter bin on the junction of Lavernock Road and Cedar way has become a dropping off point for litter bags collected from other areas of Penarth. I assume that this is done for the convenience of council bin men.

However as the accumulated rubbish is being left all day, over night (and even longer in the event of a Bank Holiday), it is just becoming a feeding area for seagulls, magpies, crows and cats, as well as vermin.

Given the weather over the past few weeks, I would consider this to be an environmental hazard. With the council reducing its waste collection services, it is entirely unacceptable for residents in this area to be subjected to what amounts to tipping by council employees. This is a regular occurrence and certainly not an isolated incident. Please see the attached photograph, taken this morning.

Perhaps one of our Town Councillors might take an opportunity to have a look at this for themselves sometime today?

I look forward to hearing your response in this matter and sincerely hope that your department will reconsider this lazy and ineffective aspect of your waste disposal operation.

Noel Evans

Via email