I WRITE to inform you of a recent planning application which is currently being processed which has created much concern from the local residents.

Sunnycroft Farm in Dinas Powys has applied for 12 dog boarding kennels to be held within the basement of the property.

The property is situated in the middle of a housing area and I feel such such use would have a great detrimental effect on the surrounding area. The applicant Vince Driscoll is a local councillor.

The local residents have rallied together and a petition containing 200 signatures has already been gathered.

Mr Driscoll is aware of the local community's objections and has circulated two letters to local residents, one claiming the objections to be a 'witch-hunt', the other in a much more professional manner inviting residents to an open-day at the property - half-a-dozen residents attended however this only re-affirmed their concerns that the property is not suitable.

Further concerns have since arisen over the construction of Mr Driscoll's property and the waste system fitted.

This matter is currently being referred to the authorities for further investigation.

A concerned resident

Name and address supplied