REF your recent letters page about "Fears over kennel plan" submitted by an anonymous, concerned resident regarding Vince Driscoll.

Your correspondent seems to be on a "Crusade".

I live within 200 metres of Mr Driscoll's property and I have never been approached by any "so called survey" of local residents regarding the application.

This literal diatribe against Mr Driscoll then takes a complete diversion away from the kennel proposal, towards his house construction and waste disposal system!

Perhaps the nameless correspondent would be better off leading a campaign to "make good" by The Vale Council, that portion of old Sunnycroft Lane leading to Mr Driscoll's property, which incidentally contains several council properties.

Unlike your anonymous concerned resident I WILL provide my address in this letter.

I also have no connection to Mr Driscoll, either by blood, marriage or commercial.

To Mr/Mrs anonymous concerned - remember the phrase "show your face and put up, or hide your face and shut up"

David Hutchinson

Sunnycroft Lane

Dinas Powys