SEVENTEEN years ago we moved into Sully Road to enjoy its tranquil and countrified feel. This aspect of life in Sully Road has been gradually eroded as drivers to the south of Penarth have seen the use of Sully Road as a way to avoid queuing from Dinas to the Merrie Harrier and also use it as a way back in the evening. In addition more and more parents bring their children to school by car which inevitably clogs the road at dropping and picking up times.

We are delighted to say that its original quietness has been restored over the Summer break because of its closure so that work on the new Learning Centre can proceed. No matter the inconvenience of going South between 8am and 5pm and on returning to one’s home meeting gargantuan eight wheel wagons, we have generally experienced silence. We now know what we have been missing.

However, all will change in September and then the unknown as regards traffic movement when the new Learning Centre and the Special Schools open in October.

Which brings us to our main point.

In addition to these developments, there is a proposal to build 54 homes just to the south of St Joseph’s Primary school. This proposal will generate additional traffic on Sully Road and access to the development is on a dangerous part of the road. In spite of excessive traffic, Sully Road is still used by horse riders, cyclists and pedestrians and any further use of the road by traffic will endanger these leisure users.

In view of future uncertainty, we would strongly urge the Vale of Glamorgan Council to delay any decision as to this housing development at least until after the Learning Centre has been operating for 6 months and then review the proposal.

This is not simply the NIMBY factor at work. We appreciate how much the new school is needed and wish it well and also how new housing is necessary but for the benefit of all those who use and enjoy Sully Road, we urge proceeding with caution and careful reflection,

Jeremy and Rosemary Dix

Sully Road