I THOUGHT I'd have to eat my words after seeing the Penarth Times article last week , Clampdown in park, I thought the ISIS group had been rounded up, but instead it was disenfranchised youths targeted for smoking cannabis, being noisy etc.

OK, cannabis smoking is illegal but its a sad indictment on our community amenities, like angling on the pier, are denied during the summer months., I’m not saying lifting the angling ban is the answer, but when it is recognised that older people also suffer from social isolation, it would be a start.

Please don't quote health and safety because in the history of fishing on the pier nobody has had a hook stuck in them.

Councillors are right to highlight antisocial behaviour but an alternative to doing nothing should be included.

There are numerous sporting clubs in the area and if local youths are to be targeted how about a collaborative effort with such organisations to provide an alternative recreation.

The leading example must be the boxing club. With minimal support numerous champions have been produced, the ABC should be an example to us all.

Doing nothing and disenfranchising youths who are targeted by authority could be responsible for the rise in popularity of groups which brings me back to my original point about the infamous ISIS party and response, the excuse that there was no response because it couldn't be ascertained where the photos were taken is lame.

I feel we' ve been short changed here, in the local Police and Crime Plan ( S Wales) National and International Priorities, Terrorism, features number one on the sub titles ( freely available to all to read at the click of a button).

Not to investigate what took place at Cosmeston because it cannot be ascertained where the photos were taken is not good enough now we have a peoples' police commissioner elected by the public of South Wales.

The events in Cosmeston are of great public concern locally as it has been extensively publicised in the national press local men have joined ISIS and have since appeared on internet media claiming to have been involved in executions.

Is it safe for local kids to use the park? Is it a training recruitment area? Could our kids be “ brainwashed by a ‘radical preacher’,”, a ready made excuse for recruits.

The purpose of the commissioner is to replace unaccountable police authorities to inform us in clear intelligible language and to hold the chief constable to account. This is what we voted for and are entitled to.

In the latest rules for recording crime I understand that seeing I'm making a complaint of a crime ie terrorism will this now be recorded and investigated?

I appreciate the need for secrecy in such matters but from our publicly elected commissioner may the public of south Wales and Penarth be given clarity on this matter.

G Brookman

Westbourne Rd