IN RESPONSE to “Dinas Powys Resident” in last week's Penarth Times whose name and address was with-held, I would make the following observations.

•The detailed account of Mr Driscoll’s plans and negotiations given indicate, it would seem that the writer has a close relationship with him.

•The personal experience claimed by the writer is not one shared by the majority of people, many of them dog-owners themselves, and shows a limited knowledge of dogs in general.

•The reference to the filming of “Gavin and Stacey”, which last took place six years ago, without objections from the neighbours is misleading.

•Having stabbed Mrs Dwyer in the back in such a cowardly fashion, the writer then attempts to seek sympathy for Mr Driscoll, repeating his allegations that he is being harassed. No evidence or proof has yet been provided as to the truth of these allegations!

•There has been a concerted effort on the part of those residents in the immediate vicinity of the proposed kennels to strongly oppose the application. In no way can this be construed as harassment; merely disagreement with the proposal.

•Objections have been made openly, honestly and in public; unlike support for the proposal, which only seems to be made by people who with-hold their details.

•If approved, the kennels would undoubtedly have a detrimental impact on the immediate vicinity. This would have an adverse effect on the quality of life enjoyed by the neighbours whose gardens back onto the proposed site; some of whom are elderly and suffer from ill-health: on the neighbourhood within sight and sound of the kennels, and on the environment at large. There are many issues involved but the crux of matter; put simply, is the location of the proposed kennels.

•The kennels would introduce a commercial aspect into what is a strictly residential area and would be detrimental to the lives of the community in that immediate vicinity.

•Whatever else is written; whatever tactics are used to distract attention from this vital issue, the fact remains that the kennels, to name another TV programme, would be in the wrong “Location, Location, Location”

•Perhaps any future correspondents on this issue could publish their names and addresses, so that the effect of the kennels on their lives can be considered alongside their views.

•With the courage to stand by our convictions.

Julia and Doug Dwyer

Laburnum Way

DInas Powys