ABOUT five years ago, I bought a diesel-engined car, second-hand, from a then Penarth dealer.

One of the selling points of this car was that so-called road tax was only £30 a year. My previous car, which was a larger two-litre petrol engine, cost over £200 a year to tax at the time of disposal.

We are now told that diesel engined cars, especially the older diesels (like the one I have), are definitely not good for the environment because of nitrous oxide emissions.

Many other people bought diesels in good faith in recent years and, while we are all in a sense culprits, we remain innocent culprits, faced with conflicting messages from the government of carbon dioxide (global warming) on the one hand, and nitrous oxide on the other.

It’s thus a ‘game’ which it is difficult to win, a situation which can recur in other areas of our lives as it happens.

Michael O'Neill

Railway Terrace