I JUST read in a local newspaper that Mr Cameron and Mr Sarkozy are happily announcing the go-ahead for continued nuclear co-operation between the countries, building a new generation of French plants in the UK.

Apparently the works will start building parts for the new block at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Several hundred new jobs will be created at Rolls Royce and Areva.

I do not understand why a new nuclear plant needs to be built in the Bristol Channel, in plain view of so much water. How does Hinkley Point affect local plans to build a hydroelectric power plant here? Would the hydroelectric plant project not create many more jobs over a longer period of time? Where does its electricity go?

Has the Welsh Government been consulted? Have the difficulties of deconstruction of nuclear plants been properly considered?

Is the Hinkley Point plant location safe in view of the Fukushima incident?

Joachim J Bugert Via e-mail