THERE has been some coverage in the Press recently about the way we treat our elderly.

The firm chosen last Wednesday by the Vale council to run the leisure centres has, according to our cabinet member for tourism and leisure, "substantial experience" of running such establishments.

This includes of course charging pensioners admission charges that are five times more than those currently charged by Cogan, Barry, Cowbridge, etc.

Cllr Anthony Ernest and his fellow experts should be aware his pensioner constituents can be a very troublesome lot (that might be why their present low concessionary admission prices are to keep them off the streets and out of mischief!).

The Vale spokesman claims that charging them five times more "is good news for the users".

As one never knows what outraged pensioners might get up to, is it not time for another reassurance from Cllr Ernest that all will be well, and as a precaution can he assure us that the locks on the leisure centre doors will be stronger that those on the gates of the former Sully amenity site!

Colin Pickard Dunster Drive Sully