A FORMER mayor of Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan - who was also a Cardiff City reserve - has died.
Des Leddington, town mayor during the 1970s and Vale Mayor during in the 1990s, was 87-years-old.
Born into a well known Penarth family, Des' father Bert was very well known in boxing circles and ran a boxing club for young men in the 1930's.
Des himself was an adept sportsman in boxing, table tennis and baseball. However he was a particularly keen footballer, and he played in a Cardiff City B side until his career was interrupted with the outbreak of the WWII. He joined the RAF and was stationed at Bletchley Park.
After the war Des became a director of Christian & Due, a shipping purveyors in Cardiff, and supplied the Geest boats which sailed from and to Barry Docks.
But it was local politics where he really made his name.
A respected Conservative councillor he was named mayor of Penarth for his long-standing service in 1979.
His son David said: "He worked tirelessly for the people and the improvement of Penarth and was involved in the development of the marina."
"He will be greatly missed by his sons, Mark and myself, and daughters Josephine, Marisa and Francesca. He was also a fantastic 'gramps' to many grandchildren and great grandchildren."
Des' late wife, Teresa also recently passed away.