PENARTH’S Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) club will be voting on its future membership policy tonight, January 23.

The meeting will consider the options available for the continued provision of bar and social facilities to club members and others at the Windsor Road branch.

Members of Penarth’s RAFA branch will vote on the following two options: For the RAFA branch, which owns the building, to rent the club area to a person, or persons, interested in continuing to provide bar and social facilities to club members. Under this provision the business would continue as a member’s only club, but not a RAFA club.

The other option would be to continue as at present with a RAFA Club Committee to manage the club business. A new Club Committee would need to be elected at the annual AGM in March. Existing Club Officers would not stand for re-election.

Only members of Penarth’s RAFA club will be able to vote on the proposals.