CONGRATULATIONS to Ann and Roy Young on 50 years of marriage!

The Penarth couple celebrate their golden anniversary on Saturday, February 1, 50 years after tying the knot at Llandaff Cathedral.

Ann and Roy first met at a party on Christmas day in 1961, daughter Sue explained: "Dad told mum that his name was Roy - his first name is Arthur - as he was there with another lady, just in case they knew each other.

"He took her home and came back to the party to enjoy the evening with my mum and he is now known by his middle name Roy."

Sue said that her parents have always supported their children through activities such as being chair at Cogan School PTA, supporting cubs, starting up the church youth club in St Augustine's Church hall, being an active member of Penarth skittle league and committee and much more.

Roy retired from running Powell Duffryn, Radyr branch as foreman in 1998 and Ann retired from Llandough physiotherapy in 2000.

Sue said that some of her favourite childhood memories involved the family's camping holidays.

She said: "Up until my brother and I left home we had amazing holidays camping at the Gower and all over Wales.

"We spent most of the six week school holidays in Llanmadoc and Dad would commute to work in Cardiff!

"Since then they have holidayed all over the world, some years having three or four holidays but Mum and Dad have both been to poorly to travel recently.

"Mum is still fighting off a debilitating illness and has been very poorly over the last two years and doesn't go far. So we are all really looking forward to a big get together with family and friends.

"Mum and Dad are always there for their friends and family, always ready to help, give and share. I am sure there are lots of people out there that would like to send their congratulations, thanks and love."

Sue wished to send her congratulations on behalf of Ian, Richard, Sharon, Benjamin, Caitlyn, Oliver and Sam.