A SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘anti yummy mummy’ has written her second book about what happens when mums go on strike.

Laura Kemp’s latest book ‘Mums on Strike’ focuses on the challenges mums face trying to raise a family, maintain a happy marriage, and keep on top of the daily chores.

In the book the character Lisa Stratton, after six years of motherhood, is tipped over the edge and decides to go on strike after her husband deliberately steps over a grape on the floor because it's her responsibility to run the house.

Former journalist Laura said she was inspired to write the “modern love story” after she grew tired of being the only one responsible for scrubbing the loo and completing other daily chores around the house.

“I wanted to write a book that addressed the expectation that women are expected to do the housework even though their role has really changed since the 1950s stereotype of domestic goddess,” she said.

“But the story had to be told in a realistic setting when women find themselves a little freer when their kids have started school, when they feel like they're getting their lives back a bit after years of wiping bottoms and teething.

“It's a modern love story, how relationships change once kids come along, when couples can find themselves in traditional roles when they might not have been before.

“The housework issue though could be anything - the book asks how, and if, your marriage can get through these sorts of challenges.”

Laura, of Clive Place, added that parts of the book were based on her own life.

“It's true that my husband does very little around the house and it's true that our six-year-old son is increasingly independent and I did do a 24-hour strike myself to make my point but I could never be as brave as the heroine of my book, who keeps it up for three weeks in a bid to get her husband to see the chores should be shared equally.

“She lives the dream, put it that way!” she said.

She added that in her next book, following on from ‘Mums like us’ and ‘Mums on Strike’, she now plans on stepping away from motherhood and writing a “sexy comedy about finding love”.

“It will be classic chick lit territory, but with a twist,” she said.

“It's been a huge learning curve and my second book reflects the jump I made in terms of development in my writing, thanks to my brilliant agent and editor at Arrow.”

She added that she describes herself as an ‘anti yummy mummy’ in a bid to dispel the pressure on mums “to be everything to all people”.

“I hate the pressure to lose the baby weight in weeks, to be the perfect stay at home or working mum and to 'have it all',” she said.

“If you can make it work then that's brilliant but we should be aiming to be 'good enough' rather than supermum.”

Laura Kemp will be holding a book signing for ‘Mums on Strike’ at the Windsor Bookshop in Penarth on Thursday, February 6, at 6pm.