FOUR people were warned by coastguards about the dangers of crossing the Causeway leading to Sully Island after they were nearly caught when the tide came in on the weekend.

Barry Coastguards were called to Sully Island around 5pm on Sunday, February 16, after a person reported four people crossing the Causeway as it was flooding.

The four people managed to get back to the mainland, but were wet and cold as the water had reached mid calf level.

A spokesman from Barry Coastguard said: “Advise was given regarding when was a safe time to cross. They were under the assumption, as many people are, that they had to be back by high tide.

“You are only safe to cross two to three hours before high water.

“When the water starts to cover the Causeway, there is a very strong current and it will take you off your feet.”

Penarth Coastguards were called at 7.14pm on Valentine’s Day, February 14, to set up and man a helicopter landing site at Blackweir. The Rescue Helicopter 169 from RAF Chivenor was transporting a woman that Llantwit Major Coastguard Rescue Team had evacuated off the beach near Nash Point after breaking her leg in a fall. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and Penarth Coastguards transferred the casualty to a land ambulance so she could be taken to University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.