COGAN Nursery School has scooped another national award and been crowned the `Class of 2044’.

The nursery school has won the Naace Annual Competition for Schools 2014, beating primary and secondary schools to be crowned National Winner.

Naace is the ICT association that, along with its members of educators, technologists and policy makers, shares a vision for the role of technology in advancing education.

The theme of the competition was `Class of 2044 –how will technology be helping us learn and teach 30 years from now?’

Nursery staff Mr Thomas and Mrs Rawlinson imitated Wordsworth’s `Daffodil’ poem to illustrate how they believed education might be in 2044 and created a video with the help of Amy Steer, one of the pupils.

Mrs Rowland, head teacher of the nursery, said: “Mr Thomas and Mrs Rawlinson are extremely creative. It will be interesting to see if their ideas prove to be true.

“I also wonder what Amy will be doing in 2044.”

She added: “We now have to wait until the Naace Conference at the end of the month to hear if we are also successful in Naace Impact Awards. The video can be viewed by following a link on our website”