FILM crews descended on Penarth for the second time in a week earlier this morning, March 18.

BBC crews are currently filming an episode of the hit medical drama Casualty in Penarth town centre, just a week after a medieval comedy drama starring Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones, Galavant, was filmed at Cosmeston Medieval Village.

The short Casualty scene, from the corner of Stanwell Road and Victoria Road by Gentleman Jim’s and Cafe Nomad all the way down to Ed’s Acoustics by Penarth Railway Station, is being filmed until around 7pm tonight.

Throughout the filming onlookers gathered to watch the production, with several unwittingly walking into the action and strolling past the actors and extras.

Christian Renish, location manager for Casualty, said that Penarth was always a popular place to film and thanked local businesses for their co-operation.

He added that the episode was set to air in about three months time and that they would carry on filming tomorrow, March 19, in Barry.

“It’s a small scene where some people are out shopping in the streets and there’s a bit of a near miss where a kid runs out into the road,” he said.

“All the local shops have been very supportive and worked around us.

“I’ve been filming in Penarth over eight years and they are always very co-operative.”

He added that he had filmed the likes of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood, Doctor Who and S4C’s Gwaith/Cartref in Penarth over the last few years.