BELLE Vue Park pavilion was overwhelmed last week when more than 100 parents and children from Albert Primary School came to express their views on the developing Town Plan at a fundraising event organised by the Supporters of Albert Primary (SOAP) group.

The bake sale, held as the school day ended on Friday, March 14, saw residents speak to the Mayor, Cllr Neil Thomas, and a council officer about their hopes for what the Town Plan might include.

The afternoon, which included arts activities for children, is part of officers’ attempts to reach out to groups who might otherwise find contributing to the Penarth-wide Plan difficult.

Robert Callaghan, the Town Plan Development Officer, said, “It’s important we’re not just hearing from the same people. Parents can find it difficult to go to events like the public meeting we held in November because of childcare, so we decided to come to them. I’ve also done things like seeing businesses in their premises and visiting older people’s groups.”

The event also saw the launch of a community group aimed at raising awareness about the cultural history and heritage of the area.

Albert Road Community Heritage group aims to work with other local community groups, such as the Supporters of Albert Primary (SOAP) and Friends of Belle Vue Park, to raise money for Albert Primary School.

Andrea Green, project manager of a construction company, said that the aim of the group was to work with others to support Albert Primary School.

"We wanted to do something where the community came together to support the school," she said.

"We are trying to work out new and innovative ways of raising money for the school."

She added: "We are looking at heritage lottery funding and, although it's very early stages, it's important that we all work together."

She added that the group fully supported the Penarth Town Plan: "It's great that Penarth Town Council came to share the event and raise interest."

Sarah Sweeney, a member of SOAP and Albert Road Community Heritage, added that the group wanted to raise funds for the school and “raise support and awareness of the cultural and historical heritage of the building”.

She added that they were planning future events to engage with the community and help raise funds for the school.