A PENARTH park which has been transformed from 'a slum to a great community resource' was given a further boost with the planting of seven trees earlier this week.

Youngsters from Albert Primary School helped plant three oak trees, a cherry tree, a crab apple tree and two fruit trees at Belle Vue Park on Tuesday afternoon, March 25, this week.

It comes after a six tonne tree was cut down earlier this year after stormy weather left it unstable and a danger to the public.

It was the third large tree that had been felled in the last 18 months

The tree planting ceremony was capable thanks to donations from the Vale Council and local conservation group Gwyrddio Penarth Greening.

Martin Gossage, chairman of the community group Friends of Belle Vue Park that has helped reinvigorate the area, said it was 'absolutely superb' that both the Vale Council and GPG had chosen to donate trees.

"It's very much part of our environmental plans and is a massive boost to have more trees planted here."

Penarth Town Mayor Cllr Neil Thomas said that the trees were a welcome boost and further showed the good work of the community group Friends of Belle Vue Park.

"It adds to the appearance of the park and will help teach kids about horticulture," he said.

"It's all down to the Friends of Belle Vue Park who have transformed this from a slum 15 years ago to this great community resource that we have got now.

"It's now thriving and is heaving with people."

"It's completely reinvigorated the park over the last few years."