PENARTH’S lifeboat crew and coastguards were called out to rescue a family of five that were trapped on Sully Island over the weekend.

At 7.26pm on Good Friday Penarth Coastguards were called out to five people, three adults and two children, that had been cut off by the tide across the causeway.

Penarth’s RNLI lifeboat crew were called out and rescued the people from Sully Island and took them back to the beach near The Captain’s Wife pub, where they were met by the Penarth Coastguards team.

All of the people, who were visitors to the area and were unaware of the incoming tide covering the causeway, were fit and well.

A member of their family on the shore had called the coastguard and advised his family to stay on the island and not attempt to cross the flooding causeway.

A Penarth Coastguard spokesman said: “This is the correct thing to do. If you are cut-off do not attempt to cross the flooding causeway, or if you see someone cut-off dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.”

On Monday, April 21, at 11.52am Penarth Coastguard were also tasked to a person in possible difficulty near Lavernock Point. A spokesman said: “On scene at the Penarth Lifeboat Slipway to meet the first informant to assess the situation. We relocated to the Fisherman Steps & deployed three Coastguard Rescue Officers to the beach to further investigate the report of a man and dog cut-off by the tide. On the beach we found a fisherman setting up to fish and a family walking their dogs. All persons safe, well and not cut-off, they were advised of tide times and we returned to the station. This was a False Alarm with Good Intent. If you see anything suspicious on the coast dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.”