A WORLD War I Commemorative Group has been set up to chart how Penarth was affected on both the front line and the homefront.

The group, set up by Penarth Town Council, aims to commemorate the “significant and solemn anniversary” of the Centenary of the start of the Great War, which ran from 1914 until 1918.

A number of local groups, schools and historians have attended the commemorative group meetings in a bid to co-ordinate a joint approach to commemorate all the local people and their families that were affected by World War I.

Keri Hutchings, deputy town clerk at Penarth Town Council, has helped co-ordinate the WWI commemorative group along with the Penarth Town Mayor, Cllr Neil Thomas.

“It is very clear that a number of groups and organisations have already begun formulating plans for both this centenary and for a continued program of events to recognise and remember the sacrifices and changes on that conflagration,” said Mr Hutchings.

“It would be unfortunate if different groups should plan conflicting events and some degree of communication between groups is clearly necessary to avoid this.”

He added: “Penarth Town Council is working with some of those groups that are planning events and are holding regular meetings with interested parties over the coming period and many plans are already in place to respectfully remember this pivotal period in history.

“If you want to find out what events are planned then you can find information on the Penarth Town Council website. Or if you are a member of a group which is planning a commemorative event and would like to join the co-ordinating group please contact me at the town council to let us know. “Alternatively, if you don’t want to join the group but still want to hold an event then please let me know what you are planning so that we can help publicise it on the town council website.”

He added that the town council would continue to support the programme of events for some time to come.

“Importantly we will continue to be the focus for providing the support and organisation as needed to ensure that everyone in Penarth who wish to be involved will be aware of the wide variety of activities that are planned,” he said.