THE Wales Green Party has stepped up its efforts to boost its representation in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections by holding a campaigning event in Penarth.

Speaking during the event in Penarth town centre on the weekend the leader of the party, Pippa Bartolotti, said that with the proportional representation voting scheme in place the party had a greater chance of gaining seats as "every vote counts".

Green Party lead Euro candidate Pippa, who was handing out flyers and answering questions on Saturday afternoon outside Windsor Arcade, said that "things were looking good" for the party with favourable poll ratings and a positive reception from voters.

"With polls as high as 12 per cent it would be great if we could achieve something close to that,” she said.

"We are growing quickly in Wales and hope to strengthen over the next two elections."

She added that in future they would like to increase the amount of Green Party councillors in Wales as there were "hundreds in England but only a small amount in Wales".

She added that they had targeted Penarth for votes as it was a "good green area" and because residents were more willing to listen to their policies and talk about issues.

She added that their main policies were equal pay for women and women's rights, an environment fit for the future, jobs you can build a life on, and safe and affordable energy.

The European Parliament election will take place on Thursday, May 22, when voters in Wales will be electing four members of European Parliament under a system of proportional representation.