A DINAS Powys family have found themselves at the centre of a poster campaign celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

The picture shows Dinas Powys resident Bethany Newberry, then aged 11-years-old, with her grandfather Spr. John Newberry, a veteran of the Normandy Landings on June 6, 1944.

Roger Newberry said he was “proud and humbled” that a photo of his daughter and father had been chosen to mark the historic anniversary.

“I found out that a photograph of my dad and my daughter, taken by an Australian photographer during the celebrations of 60th Anniversary of D-Day , has been chosen to publicise the 70th Anniversary celebrations on posters around Caen in Northern France,” he said.

“This picture was spotted by an old friend of mine Jacques Perrone. It is outside the Abbey aux Dames in France.”

He added that the family had stayed with Jacques and his wife Rosine for almost 20 years whenever they visit France at Christmas. He said that they also hosted his parents when they visited Caen for the 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2004

“They showed him off wherever they went,” he said.

“We took a picture of them at exactly the same time as the Australian photographer took his but from a slightly different angle.”

He added: “I am very proud and humbled by the photo. I tracked down the photographer and he has agreed to meet us in Caen in June. The photograph is to be included in a book about the veterans of June 1944.

“God willing, I will be in Caen with my brother and my son, along with The Queen, President Obama, David Cameron and Mr Putin to remember those who liberated Europe.

“We will be representing my dad.

“I hope the Queen likes the poster.”