BBC television crews are currently filming a “dramatic storyline” in Penarth as part of the medical drama Casualty.

TV crews moved into a house on Stanwell Road, next to Penarth Masonic Hall, earlier this morning (May 13) and are expected to be there for most of the day.

The episode features the characters Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford and Rita Freeman, player by Patrick Wilson and Chloe Howman respectively, and is due to be aired later this year.

Producer Jonathan Phillips said that they would be filming a “dramatic, turbulent and exciting” storyline featuring the two characters.

He added that they often chose to film in Penarth because of its range of locations and close proximity to their Cardiff Bay studios.

“We are delighted to be filming in Penarth and keeping it local now that our studios are based in Cardiff Bay,” he said.

“Penarth has an amazing range of locations and has everything from massive detached houses, to smaller estates and terraced houses.

“We are in Penarth almost every week.”

He added about the house that they were filming in: “It’s a house that we are suggesting is broken down into flats, with one of the flats owned by Rita.”

Whilst filming took place on Stanwell Road the productions crew’s catering facilities were based at the Old Penarthians rugby club.