A PENARTH pensioner has become the first woman to notch up 1000 workouts at a local fitness centre.

Hazel Bransfield, of Sully Terrace, celebrated reaching the milestone at Penarth's Curves with a bouquet of flowers and bottle of bubbly on Thursday, July 3.

Septuagenarian Hazel, 75, was one of the first women to sign up to Curves when it launched in Penarth eight years ago.

She now attends the Arcot Street based centre up to six times a week to take part in 30 minute workouts.

She said that since joining it had “changed her life” and she had lost more than two stone.

"When I joined I had asthma and was overweight," she said.

"I had organised a tea party at Sully Terrace and saw a picture of what I looked like afterwards and realised I had to do something.

"The next day a Curves leaflet came through my door and it was almost like a message."

Hazel, who led the Save Penarth Green campaign for the cycle path on Sully Terrace, added:"Joining has been the best thing I have ever done.

"Going to Curves has helped me both physically and psychologically.

"After I've gone to a workout when I walk home afterwards I feel great."

Delyth Williams, who has owned the Penarth franchise for the last four years, praised Hazel for her efforts and said that the facility was open to anyone that wanted to get fit and didn’t have much spare time.