PLANS for a multi-purpose sports pitch at Stanwell School have been approved by the Vale Council planning committee.

Local residents had raised concerns about parking, noise and light pollution if the plans for the all-weather synthetic turf pitch (STP) were to be approved.

They had warned that the late opening hours would also have a detrimental effect on their lives due to increased noise levels at night and parking problems during peak hours.

Residents also submitted 22 letters of objection and a petition signed by 38 people opposing the plans.

But the plans, which were also backed by 92 letters of support, were approved by the Vale Council planning committee last Thursday, July 31.

Following the concerns raised by local residents, and backed by Penarth Town Council, the opening hours were amended to 8am until 8.30pm Monday to Friday, instead of the recommended 8am until 9.30pm.

One Stanwell Road resident, who had warned about the impact of the plans on surrounding streets, said.

“This is a welcome improvement and it’s pleasing that the committee have understood some of the concerns of the residents, if not all of them.”

The plans include the construction of an all-weather 101m by 63msynthetic turf pitch (STP) on the existing main playing fields that would be used for the likes of football, hockey and tennis. The pitch, which will be open for school and public use, would also be surrounded by flood lighting and fencing.

Stanwell School’s deputy head teacher Mr Alec Lewis had previously said that the new surface would massively benefit pupils by replacing the “dilapidated” playing field and that the existing redgra hockey pitch, located adjacent to Victoria Road, would be resurfaced with soil and used for rugby.

Many of the concerns raised by local residents had been allayed by the report presented to the planning committee. It concluded that the noise levels would not pose a detriment to residential amenity, that there was adequate on-site parking and that the light spill would generally be contained well within the school boundaries.

Stanwell School now has five years from the date of approval last Thursday, July 31, to begin work.