RESIDENTS of a Dinas Powys street have spoken out about plans for a dog kennels near their houses.

They have accused Dinas Powys Councillor Vince Driscoll of operating the kennels before being issued with a licence and claim he is using his position to get plans approved before they are considered by the Vale Council planning committee.

Councillor Driscoll, who represents the Twyn ward, said the allegations were “absolutely rubbish” and that the residents were “trying absolutely everything to defame my character”.

He also dismissed allegations that pictures on social media proved that he had been operating before having a licence.

“It was just advertising we put on twitter to attract attention as we thought our licensing was imminent,” he said.

“It’s like pictures from a holiday brochure.

“We haven’t done anything and we don’t intend to until we get a licence.”

He had previously said that it was “absolutely preposterous” that he was using his position as a councillor to get the proposals approved.

He added that he had been visited by the licensing department four times over the last few weeks and they had found no evidence that he had been operating as a dog kennels.

Residents of Laburnum Way say that a dog kennels should not be in a residential area and that the dogs barking would disturb elderly people in the area.

They are concerned about noise pollution and the “devastating effect” it would have on the local environment if the plans were approved.

They have also raised concerns about cars using the road that leads to his property, where the kennels would be based in the basement of.

They have handed a petition signed by 177 residents to the Vale Council and are hoping that Councillor Driscoll will be refused a change of use planning application for his property on Sunnycroft Farm.

Dinas Powys Community Council considered the application earlier this week and recommended to the Vale Council that it should be turned down.

Dr Andy Burns, who lives on Laburnum Way, said that they had evidence from social media sites Facebook and Twitter that Councillor Driscoll had been operating as a dog kennels before he was granted a licence, and that the Vale Council licensing officer had confirmed to them that he did not have a Animal Boarding Establishment Licence and that he had been ordered to stop advertising.

He added that he didn’t believe dogs kennels should be located in a residential area.

Fellow Laburnum Way resident Julia Dwyer said that the residential area was “peaceful and quiet” and that they were “frightened to death” of the prospect of up to 14 dogs barking at one time.

But one local resident on the same street has dismissed the opposition as a “witch hunt” and said that others were “barking up the wrong tree": “I used to live near the Westra Kennels where there were around 70 dogs and I don’t remember any problems.

“Why don’t they just wait and see if he gets permission and if it’s a problem?

“I feel sorry for him as it’s been blown out of proportion.”

They added: “I think the plans are fine and if I had a dog I would be grateful for them.”