PENARTH Coastguard has warned about the dangers of ‘tombstoning’ after being called out to two young men jumping into Cardiff Docks.

At 4.21pm last Thursday, August 7, Penarth Coastguard were tasked to two men jumping off the ‘dolphins’ outside Cardiff Docks. A spokesman said: “The individuals swam from the rock armor from Harbour Drive across to the dolphins and climbed to the top. Before they could jump we arrived on-scene, got their attention and got them to come down and back to landside.

“We issued suitable safety advice and advised them to find a safer place to swim. Right after they reached landside a large cargo ship was beginning to enter the channel entrance en-route to the docks.”

A spokesman from Penarth Coastguard added: “Jumping from piers, cliffs, rocks or other structures into the sea can be very dangerous. What was deep water might be a shallow puddle due to tidal conditions and have hidden hazards under the surface.”

On the same day Penarth Coastguard were also called out to people jumping off the fish gates on the Cardiff Bay side, but when they arrived on scene nobody was found.

“We must advise people not to swim near the docks entrance,” a spokesman added.

“It is an active shipping lane and large cargo ships cannot always see people in the water.

“Also, if you jump off tall objects you have no idea what lurks beneath the water; its possible that you could go all the way to the bottom and get stuck in the silt and not be able to resurface.”

South Wales Fire Service is also urging the public to stay safe around reservoirs, estuaries and water courses.

The service wants people to be aware of currents, to check for tides, to avoid jumping or tombstoning into any water due to depth and potential cold water shock, and also avoid going into water after drinking alcohol as it can impair reactions and ability to swim.

Assistant chief fire officer at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Andrew Thomas said, “We’re asking the public to take extra care when in or around water. If you want to cool off in the water over the summer break, South Wales has some fantastic beaches which are patrolled by RNLI lifeguards and boats and will ensure your safety.”