A COMMUNITY council which provides volunteer drivers fears its service could disappear if more people don't come forward to help.

Llandough Community Council is appealing for volunteer drivers to continue its much valued and needed service.

For many years the council has provided a community transport service to local residents who are unable or find it very difficult to visit local supermarkets alone.

The council has been very fortunate that two excellent and committed volunteers, Clive Carreyett and John Huish have provided this service in their own time and on a completely voluntary basis, using a suitable vehicle provided by East Vale Community Transport.

Unfortunately Clive and John will no longer be eligible to drive the vehicle from the end of August and despite previous appeals for more volunteers, there is no one to take their place.

If volunteers cannot be found this could mean the council losing the service.

In a last effort the council is appealing for eligible and interested volunteers to come forward to continue the service.

If you are interested contact Paul R. Egan (Clerk to Council) on 01446 409294 or p.egan7@ntlworld.com.