THERE are some events that generate the response, “I remember where I was when...”. Be it the day that President Kennedy was shot; discovering Princess Diana was dead; Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation or 9/11 these are events that cause a collective pause, a world-wide intake of breath and then a time, whether fleetingly or seismic where you wonder what will happen and if the world will ever be the same again.

Culturally and socially there are moments that may not alter the world fundamentally or even touch every corner of it even fleetingly, but they can still create that collective gasp, bring people together and make you muse for many moments after that, “I was there when...”.

My first experience of this was watching Oasis at Knebworth in 1996. I’ve read recently that over two million people applied for tickets. I was one of the lucky 250,000 or so that got one. My friend’s and I were there in Pit One (I still have the wrist band) and we saw Liam, Noel et al at the totally confident, all conquering height of their power over the British music scene. I remember looking around and in the moment, knowing I was part of ‘something’, aware that this was ‘momentous’, attune to the need to ‘remember’. It was thousands of people collectively coming together and not just cheering these kings of rock of roll but praising them in a near deifying experience.

Seven years later I returned to Knebworth for one of Robbie Williams’ staggering shows in front of over 350,000 people, over three nights in October 2003. This time I was stood at the back, so far back, I could prop myself up against the burger vans and doughnut trucks, not necessarily a bad place to be, it was a long day and I got peckish. Even with his huge ego and stage presence, I could barely see Robbie on the stage and watched the screens mainly, but from my vantage point I could see the whole scene and it was vast and thrilling and “I was there...”.

By the time you read this I will have been to another great event, this time in our glorious capital of Cardiff, to watch Anthony Joshua defend his IBF heavyweight title against Carlos Takam. The atmosphere and chatter in the City is growing, the excitement is mounting. Joshua seems to be transcending his sport, becoming a one man brand beyond boxing, projecting an image of decency, hard-work, humility, humour as well as strength, both physical and mental. Beckham, Murray, Hamilton step aside; football, tennis, time to play second fiddle for a while, boxing is in town and if Joshua continues his success both in and out of the ring, it looks set to continue and grow for a time to come yet and who knows who else will be encouraged to come along in that wake. Doubtless it feels like another moment when I’ll be happy and proud to say, “I was there...”.