PENARTH’S local traders have banded together to revive the Late Night Christmas Shopping event for a fourth successive year, after Penarth Town Council withdrew its funding for the event.

A diverse range of the town’s businesses are set to stay open late into the evening on Wednesday, December 6, while pop-up stalls and live entertainment will also be on show.

Penarth Town Council said that although they were not providing funding this year, they were still in full support of the event.

The group commissioned former BBC journalist and Sully resident Anna Brees, of Brees Media, to film a promotional video ahead of the evening, along with the help of local businessmen John McInally of gift shop ‘Not Socks Again’ and Justin Horton of children’s clothes store ‘Funky Monkey’.

Mr Horton said there would be feast of entertainment on show for late night shoppers attending the event, which goes on between 6-8pm.

“We’re all very excited,” he said.

“Not only have we got as many shops open as possible for the evening, but we’ve got stalls outside, we’ve got musicians, we’ve got kids choirs, we’ve got grown up choirs, we’ve got live music.

“It’s going to be a really, really good night.”

And Mr McInally echoed his sentiments, emphasising the work done collectively by the traders to ensure the event went ahead.

“We’re very excited about it. The traders are getting together to put on a magical Christmas evening for everyone to come along and enjoy,” he said.

After financially backing the event for the past three years, Penarth Town Council this year elected to withdraw it’s funding, saying they believed that the event was now well established enough to be self-sustaining.

A spokeswoman for Penarth Town Council said: “Penarth Town Council provided financial support and officer resources for these events from 2014-2016.

“As Penarth has a proactive trading group it is commonplace for events such as this to be subsequently led by the private sector, who decide if they wish to open late and to produce offers that will ensure the event’s sustainability in forthcoming years.

“Penarth Town Council’s remit in 2017 is to support the event via its website’s event advertising and its active social media coverage. Following a successful Christmas Light Switch on event, produced by the town council, the town council is delighted to be a part of the Christmas festivities in Penarth town centre.”